MATTHEW 5:13// Reboot: Light Burn

Glimmer of light skims the void, pierces the silent valley.
Brightness shining to the depth of me. Sees me. I am known.
It dances to me through death’s night wilderness. Awakens me.
Eyes locked on still, perforating beauty.

It draws me, calls me to journey, to begin. To become.
Crashing through thorn and bracken I descend.
Down. Trees whisper. Courses of stream delight.
To the valley floor, to the shadow. To the lowest point of choice.

Still, wholly fixed on clarion point. Whole self; transforming.
Climbing hand over hand, rock under rock. Enlivened.
Call of light, of life. Life pulses through me,
And I breathe.

Simple stillness unfurls at source; light rages. Roars.
Burning torrent. Purity. Purpose. Intensity found me out.
Blazes of truth flash as I ascend to the call.
Warmth of home warms as I come close. I am found.

Light; burn – never fail. Burn in me and call through me
From this light life call to death.
Across the void. Across the valley.
Light burn.

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