MATTHEW 6:5 // Reboot – And yet it is still more!

Formulaic form of feverish words? No, a heart: formed in fire.
Syllabic, symbolic soundscape? No, a landscaping, soul shaping, symphony.
Perfected performance? No, raw, guttural perfecting, expresion.
Not beginning, middle, end; a living, a walking, a laying, a rising.
Being and becoming in the presence of beauty.
Daily bread.
Remembering; longing; having to come
day after day after day– continually to one;
One constant friend, one unopposable king, one unquenchable love.
Declaration of glory.
Reposition of self. Deposition of Him, YAHWEH
Decision of will of heart of I.
Destruction of sin. Resolution to live
Place of encounter and life drenching encounter.
Coming close, drawn close and closer still.
Learning, growing, longing and lingering.
Divine exchange with the source of revelation, knowledge, hope, strength, provision, forgiveness, deliverance, fruitfulness, unity, direction, confidence power.
And yet it is still more!

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