Ps.20 What’s in a name

‘Tis but thy name that is my victory;
Thou art thyself, more than my heart could view.
O what a name? is it not all? all hope, 
all love, all grace, all pow’r and life itself?
The Lord. The great I AM? O, what an awesome name!

What’s in a name? That which we call our God
By any other name would not be Him;

So Yahweh would, were he not Yahweh call’d,
Become our own perfection which is poor
Reflection shattered. Oh my God, what a name
And for that name which is my victory
I give myself.

You may recognise something of this soliloquy. In the original, Juliet speaks of her love, Romeo, and determines that his name is meaningless, his identity as a son of Montague counts for nothing. In my rewriting I have sought to maintain the meter and progression of the original piece. However when applied to Yahweh – the name is ‘everything’. When applied to Jesus: his sonship is of vital, victorious importance. This rewriting originated from Psalm 20:6, with the realisation that, banners lifted to any other name will fail.

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