Ps.31 There are no gates here

There are no gates here.
There is no way out here
I thought I was trapped here,
Thought I would die here.
Thorns encamped,
Imprisoning in pain
Surrounding in hopelessness
Alone in isolated waiting.
I had thrown myself to the ground.
To bury myself against harsh reality.

Then …

Then you lifted my head and through sore eyes I realised.
Saw you and realised
There could never be reason enough to leave this wide open place.
Not alone, not now, never was … I am with you in the garden.
And you know gardens.
I feel the warmth of the sun on my back,
Catch the scent of roses as arrows melt to nothing.
I feel the certainty of rock beneath my chest and arms and legs.
I know the fullness of the soil.
Still surrounded but safe in this fortress of your grace: with no way in!
That’s why there are no gates.
I laugh … I’m safe here!

You lift me to my feet and plant me firm in truth.
My heart begins to beat again as if it never has.
Hope flushes my face reflecting your joy.
There are no gates here!

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