Ps.35 This is a breakout

Child I saw you.
Where only joy should be found; innocent tears streamed.
You could hold your head high in my court, 
But there you bowed low holding it in still untainted hands.
I heard their accusations.
I heard their deceit and unwarranted anger.
I saw the judges
And, I watched you as they passed sentence and took you down.
They have closed around you.
They have silenced you.
They have restrained you.
They have hidden you away in their lies.

Does it feel like a midnight song that you sing?
Well, Child I hear you.
And I see your praise.
And this …
This is a break out.

Their foundations crumble like sands as I shake the earth.
Their walls of restriction and limitation fall at my feet.
I am rock. 
I am secure.
One step and the chains of man break off,
One breath and their shackles of expectation drop,
One truth and their lies that kept you bound are forever shattered.
“Prison doors fling wide. I am come!”
The judges wake and fall on their swords.
And you are free.

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